Creation a beautiful city by managing all the available resources efficiently and effectively to provide most developed reads, health facilities, public utility services and thereby provide public prosperity and welfare excellently and preserve environmental values and historical proud heritage.

ආයතනයේ සියලු සම්පත් කාර්යක්ෂම හා ඵලදායී ලෙස කළමනාකරණය කරගෙන වඩාත් දියුණු මංමාවත්, සෞඛ්‍ය පහසුකම් සහ මහජන උපයෝගීතා සේවා මහජනතාව වෙත සලසා දී, එමගින් මහජන සුඛ විහරණය හා සුභ සාධනය ප්‍රශස්ථ ලෙස සපුරාලමින්, පාරිසරික වටිනාකම් හා ඓතිහාසික ප්‍රෞඪ උරුමයන් සුරකිමින්, සංවර්ධිත, සුරක්ෂිත හා සුන්දර නගරයක් යහපාලනය මගින් නිර්මාණය කිරීම.

Developed and well protected beautiful city with fulfilled people’s needs and preserved proud heritage.

ජනතා අවශ්‍යතාවයන් සපිරි, ප්‍රෞඩ උරුමයන් සුරකින, සංවර්ධිත, සුරක්ෂිත හා සුන්දර නගරයක්.

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ගාල්ල රිච්මන්ඩ් විද්‍යාලය හා ගාල්ල මහා නගර සභාව ඒකාබද්ධව සංවිධානය කරනු ලබන පොසොන් බැති ගී සරණිය 2015-06-02 වන පොසොන් පොහෝ දින ප.ව. 6.30 සිට 8.30 දක්වා ගාල්ල මාහා නගර සභා ශාලාවේ දී බැති සිතින් පැවැත්වීමට කටයුතු යොදා ඇත. මේ සඳහා සම අනුග්‍රහය ගාල්ල මහා නගර සභාව විසින් දරනු ලබන අතර මීට සහභාගී වන ලෙස ගාල්ල මහා නගර සභාවේ ගරු නගරාධිපති ශාත්‍රපති කැලුම් සෙනෙවිරත්න මැතිතුමා සහ රිච්මන්ඩ් විද්‍යාලීය විදුහල්පති ඊ.එම්.එස්. ඒකනායක මහතා විසින් ඔබ සැමට ආරාධනා කරනු ලබන වගයි.

Galle Municipal Council - Galle,Sri Lanka.

Galle Municipal Council is the third Municipal council in Sri Lanka after Colombo and Kandy cities.Galle Municipal Council first Mayor was Mr. W.Dhahanayake he was able to become the 5th Prime minister of Sri Lanka.The land area of the city is about 16.5km2 and it is bordered by the sea from south & southwest. The city is situated within the wet zone of the country with an average rain fall between 1525-1900 mm per year. It's daily temperature is between 28°C-30°C. In early years the Galle city located along with Natural Harbour made it an important place for the industry. But tourism, fisheries and trade are major sources of income today. Galle City is the one of World Heritage city in Sri Lanka.The main language of Galle city is Sinhala and the religion is Buddhism.

The population of the Galle municipality area is 112,252 of which 51% are Female and 49% are male. The growth rate of population is 0.75% and 16924 of households are available in the city. The Galle Municipal Council is the main administration authority in the city with 15 wards.It’s represented by 19 councillors. The Galle Municipal Council body is divided into 5 standing committees headed by committee chairman. The council figure is lead by an executive Mayor supported by the Deputy mayor.The committees and the city administration function under the Municipal Act implemented by the Municipal Commissioner. The strength of the public officers in the Galle Municipal council available is 733.

The capital city of the Southern province is the Galle city has the 200 USD$ of annual income per capita, and average of the primary educated people is 94.6% and three (3) cinema theaters are located in the heart of the city. More than 2 medical personals (doctors) can be seen for 1000 people.The Galle Municipality area available more than 6 Government and private hospitals. The mode of transport is bus in ordinary people calculated as 65% and the passengers on foot is 25% and only 10% of the civilians use private vehicles. The numbers of 16924 households use the common water supply (taps) of the Municipality. Only 22% of citizens use domestic wells and 1% of them uses the tube wells & protected wells.But other 0.002% uses the lake water & river water.And the users of water sealed toilets are 77% at the same time a less number use the unprotected toilets.

Galle Municipal Council Establishment

After the complete occupation of the Country by the British in 1815, fifty years had elapsed, before it was found expedient that provision should be made for the constitution and establishments of Municipal Councils in the Island, “ for the purpose of enabling the inhabitants thereof to regulate certain matters and things of a local nature”. The Municipal Councils Ordinance No. 17 of 1865, being the 160th Enactment since the British took possession of the maritime districts, become thereby the first provision of law, which enabled the formation of statutory democratic institutions in which functioned for the fist time elected representatives of a subject people.

Under section 4 of the Ordinance, the towns of Colombo and Kandy were created Municipalities, and further provision was therein made that “it shall be lawful for the Governor, with the advice of the Executive Council, on the application of a reasonable number of the inhabitants of any town, or if it shall appear expedient so to do, to the Governor and Council, without any such application, by proclamation published in the Government Gazette, to create Municipalities in any other town within the Island”

Mayor of galle municpal council W. Kalum Senevirathna - Hon. Mayor

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Mobile : 0718 900787